Genesis Introduces SP-series Zinc Alloy



With its agile and advanced manufacturing capabilities, Genesis introduces a brand new SP series of zinc alloy to meet the needs of automotive control cables market.

SP series zinc alloy is smaller than standard alloys, particularly suitable for small furnaces. It can be made into cubes with 5cm length or bars of similar shape as standard alloys. The composition is the same as the standard alloy. However, its small size and light weight accelerates its melting rate, effectively reducing energy usage and wastage while increasing productivity.

Since automotive control cables is a critical automotive part which is widely applied to sun roofs, clutches, transmission shifts, parking brakes, window regulators, they have stringent requirements in elasticity, durability and efficiency. Genesis alloys are certified by IATF 16949. With its premium quality and professional services, Genesis has been a long term reliable zinc alloy supplier for many renowned automotive parts manufacturers and SP-Zamak 5 is well received by major automotive control cables manufacturers.

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Average mass per cube (kg): 0.65

Cube dimensions (mm): 72 x 53 x 42


Average mass per slab (kg): 7.8

Slab dimensions (mm): 446 x 110 x 42