Specially designed for the optical transceivers industry with excellent fluidity to reduce die-casting defects like pinholes, cold shuts. MDX2 has superior casting performance and mechanical properties, and good electromagnetic shielding performance. It is excellent for electroplating and surface finishing, with low impurity and high quality and stability.


Smart optoelectronic products, application areas cover optical transceivers cases, optical communication connector components, high-end audio and video connector parts, thin-walled electronic components, etc.

Typical Mechanical Properties

  • Ultimate Tensile Strength (MPa):  312
  • Compressive Yield Strength (0.1%, MPa):  225

  • Hardness (HB):  90

  • Elongation (%):  5

Compliance with International Standards



  • Average Mass per Slab (kg):  9
  • Slab Dimensions (mm):  480 x 110 x 45
  • Average Mass per Bundle (kg):  1,000 ± 50
  • Bundle Dimensions (mm):  480 x 960 x 610
  • Number per Bundle:  112