Locks & Security

Locks are usually made of stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, steel and aluminium alloy. Both stainless steel and copper enjoy high strength, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. However, their price is comparatively high. The design of aluminium locks tends to be simple and they are much lighter, giving some people an impression of lack of sturdiness. High quality zinc alloy is strong and possesses high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Since it is easy to cast and can adopt different kinds of surface treatments, zinc alloy locks offer consumers a wider range of styles, patterns and colors. Many popular conventional locks and smart electric locks are made of zinc alloy.


The large surface area of locks demand extensive control of both die casting and surface treatment processes so as to effectively reduce the common defects like porosity, watermarks. The composition and fluidity of zinc alloy are crucial. To improve product quality and enhance productivity, manufacturers could invest in more effective mould design, temperature control of furnace and mould as well as optimization of electroplating and other surface treatment process.


Applications of die-cast zinc alloy in locks:

•   Handle of door lock

•   Surface panel of door lock

•   Lock cylinder

•   Lock body

•   Other punching parts

Recommended Models: