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The international standards of toys could be one of the most stringent among all the products, covering from shape, size, strength, chemical properties, flammability, electrical properties, hygiene, radioactivity to packaging. Although most of the toys undergo painting and electroplating, the surface layer would be damaged, exposing the alloy itself. Thus, it is important that the alloy has to meet the safety standards.


Most toy cars, tops, robots are made of zinc alloy. Die cast zinc alloy offers sophisticated details, smooth surface with good wear resistance. On the other hand, its strength, hardness and stability enhance toy safety. High quality zinc alloy reduces its migrateable amounts of hazardous elements such as lead, cadmium to minimum. This gives toy manufacturers greater flexibility in the control of manufacturing process, increasing their confidence in their products.


The most effective way to control material quality starts with the base material. Since recycled zinc alloys have high level of impurities in general, all Genesis’ zinc alloys use only premium Special High Grade (SHG) zinc. Therefore, the minimal level of impurities in our products not only comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and international standards, but give our customers peace of mind of the alloy quality.


Applications of zinc alloy in toys and gifts:

•   Metal toy car

•   Various toy accessories

•   Memorial badge  

•   Keychain

•   Crafts

•   Precision mechanical shell accessories, etc. 

Recommended Models: