Construction hardware covers doors and windows, cabinetry hardware and kitchen equipment. They emphasize functionality, safety and durability. High quality zinc alloys with minimal impurities produce high reliability products. Along with their excellent mechanical properties of high strength, high hardness and superb corrosion resistance, zinc alloys fulfil the requirements of die cast construction hardware. At a lower cost than copper, zinc alloy is popular in the hardware industry.


The keen competition in the market continues to exert pricing pressure on manufacturers. Since materials compose a larger proportion of production cost than other industries, hardware industry has a greater incentive to increase their margin in every aspect. Apart from coming up with ingenious procurement strategies, manufacturers understand the importance of reducing dross, lowering defect rate while escalating the product ratio. Premium zinc alloy produces less dross. Its minimal impurities mitigate the risks of intergranular corrosion, ensuring product longevity. Last but not least, investment in mould design and simulation could achieve a higher yield from the same amount of materials.


Made of premium Special High Grade (SHG) zinc, Genesis' zinc alloy can fully deliver the durability and appearance that hardware products desire. Complying with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) requirement and different international standards, our reliable quality has been widely recognized by many global brands and Genesis has been one of their approved material suppliers for years.


Applications of die-cast zinc alloy in hardware:

•   Door and window handles, hinges, etc.

•   Handrails and hangers

•   Pipe fittings for building water supply and drainage systems, heating systems and toilets

•   Small parts such as screws, nuts, etc. 

Recommended Models: