Automotive Components

Safety, functionality along with magnificent appearance, are vital to automotive industry. Zinc alloy is hard, non-bending, ultra-thin, lightweight, non-sparking, non-corrosive and has excellent casting ability, making it a perfect metal material for automotive components that demand high mechanical and aesthetic performance. Using die-cast zinc alloys can also save both money and time.


Applications of die-cast zinc alloy in automotive:

•   Engine and other components inside the engine  

•    Power steering system

•    Brake parts and system

•    Fuel system

•   Air conditioning components and systems

•   Climate Control Components

•   Chassis hardware

•   Protection screen for electronic parts

•   Lock cylinder and seat belt buckle

•   Cable system

•   Decorative accessories such as brand logos, interior trim pieces

•   Sensors for airbags, sensors, remote information processing systems, switches, etc.


Zinc alloy die castings are ideal for components that require excellent strength, ductility and surface treatment finishing. Adhered to the international automotive industry quality management system IATF 16949, Genesis offers a variety of zinc alloys with different mechanical properties, such as #3, #5, #12, #27 and ACuZinc5.

Recommended Models: