International and National Accreditations

Serving the industries that completely reliant on the quality of its supply chain being of the highest of standards, Genesis adheres to the principles of the world’s quality management system and successfully obtains both ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. With its implementation starting on September 14, 2018, IATF 16949 is a new international standard, bringing together the quality management systems from the U.S. and across Europe and optimizing the design, development, manufacturing, installation, and servicing automotive products to improve efficiency. As a material supplier, Genesis aims to be a reliable partner in the supply chain of all industries.


In China, every part in Genesis' production process complies with national safety production laws, regulations and standards. The State Administration of Work Safety has issued a three-level enterprise certificate for safety production standardization to Genesis. Moreover, Genesis alloys meet the national radiation testing standards which proves the safety and reliability of our materials.

Product Traceability

To enhance product traceability, each ingot comes with a set of laser marking, clearly stating product type and batch number. Each pallet has a QR code in which material composition and product information are included. Genesis possesses a sound knowledge and document management, so that production records can be retrieved anytime.