Fashion Accessories & Hardware

Fashion accessories and hardware industry puts a great emphasis on innovative design elements and styles. Brands, especially for the luxurious fashion, have very high standards on their accessories for they serve a particular functionality and for some, the highlight of the whole product. Thus, there is no compromise on the consistency of colour, appearance and quality.


Zinc alloys are easy to be moulded while possessing high strength, high hardness, high fluidity and superb corrosion resistance. It can produce shiny, slender and delicate fashion accessories as designed, reflecting the intrinsic quality and value of the brand.


In addition to the standard #3 and #5 zinc alloys, #4 zinc alloy can be an alternative material for fashion accessories and hardware. The copper content of #4 is in-between #3 and #5, which is more effective in reducing the occurrence of sticking mould while maintaining similar softness, fulfilling the unique design and production needs of fashion accessories.


Applications of zinc alloys in fashion accessories:

•   Badges

•   Zippers

•   Tie clips

•   Belt buckles

•   Metal buckles

•   Jewelry accessories, etc.

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