Zippers are part of our daily necessities and can be found in our clothing, shoes, bags, suitcases, tents, toys, etc. They are mainly composed of metal, plastic and nylon, wherein the metal parts like fasteners and sliders were mainly copper alloys in the past, accounting for about 70% of the cost of the entire zipper. As the price of copper continues to rise, zinc alloy replaces copper alloy with its low material costs, competitive cost of production and the following product advantages:

•   The zipper is of high strength and durability

•   The zipper can be pulled up smoothly and easily

•   Superior colour finishing allows a range of effects for different products

•   The shape of zipper's tooth is novel and the surface is smooth and delicate

•   Since the chain and the cloth can be die-cast together, there is no tooth loss

•   The chain teeth are very strong and difficult to open so burglar-proof can be made possible


The ductility, stampability, strength and processability of the metal are critical to the overall performance of zippers or they may suffer from cracks, disintegration, chain break, deformity and other defects. Standard alloys can meet the requirements of average zippers; however, premium zippers differentiate themselves with their choice of specialty alloy. Tailor made to offer superior performance to premium zippers, Genesis’ MD5 zinc alloy possesses outstanding ductility and strong impact resistance. MD5 has been widely accepted by reputable brands in zippers industry.

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