Because of the high humidity in the bathroom and high frequency of use, bathroom hardware like faucets, hangers, handrails and hardware accessories are often made of zinc alloy. The strength, hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of zinc alloy prolong the product lifetime while mitigating the risks of any hidden danger caused by structural failure.


Apart from functionality, the market has a great demand for visually appealing sanitary products with high quality, shiny coating and sophisticated design. While sanitary products made of space aluminium and stainless steel achieve similar functionality, their material properties limit the design of products. Therefore, zinc alloy is a popular choice of materials for premium bathroom brands because it can be die cast into all kinds of curvatures and shapes and allows various surface treatments such as electroplating, paint, spray, polish and grind to provide the touch and feel that users look for.


Genesis’ #3, #5, #8 and #12 zinc alloys offer different levels of strength, hardness, temperature and wear resistance. Among them, #5 and #8 are particularly suitable for components that require electroplating.


Applications of die cast zinc alloys in bathroom:                     

•   Faucet metal body, handle and panel 

•   Handrail of Bathtub                                                   

•   Armrest of shower door                                          

•   Hanging rack                                                            

•   Metal handle of door lock                                          

•   Hardware accessories and parts                                                

•   Components that are of special design or require surface treatment     

Recommended Models: