Zinc alloy is very sensitive to impurities. Surface defects and mechanical failures are often result of an exceeding amount of impurities like lead and cadmium in zinc alloy. In order to effectively control the composition, Genesis alloys are made of premium Special High Grade (SHG) zinc.


A pioneer in bringing overseas alloy manufacturing technology and knowhow to China, our international experts in metallurgy and our accredited laboratory have taken an important role in monitoring and continuously improving the alloy manufacturing process. Thus, Genesis’ alloys enjoy a nationwide reputation of consistently high quality and our customers can lower both the defect rate as well as production cost, escalating their overall efficiency and effectiveness.


Lee Kee Group was awarded the Best Die Casting Zinc Alloy

Brand in China in two consecutive years by ZonZu Technology

Genesis was awarded the Excellent

Supplier Award by YKK in 2018

Genesis was awarded the Excellent Supplier

Award by Föhl China in 2019