While continuously improving her productivity, Genesis incorporates environmental management principles into her business processes and actively promotes sustainable development through energy saving measures, reduction in emissions of pollutants and proactive adoption of green initiatives. Genesis’ efforts in ‘Clean Production’ and ‘Production Impact on the Environment’ received recognition from Municipal Environmental Protection Department. Besides, Genesis endeavors to promote occupational safety and health through a Safety Management System and provide a safe and pleasant work environment for our employees through training and continuous enhancement of quality in work environment. In 2018, Genesis Alloys (Ningbo) Limited was successfully selected as one of the Demonstration Enterprises by Ningbo State Administration.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Genesis takes part in charitable events and a wide range of volunteering activities to build a better community.  For instance, during Chinese New Year, Genesis CSR (corporate social responsibility) team donates and distributes food and daily necessities to the needy to bring more to the lives of people and to build a caring community with great vitality.


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